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WE HAVE MOVED, SMR Swiftlet Farming Equipments & Gadgets

WE HAVE MOVED, SMR Swiftlet Farming Equipments & Gadgets
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More Powerful Than Before. Leading In Hormone Aroma 比以前更加強大。在激素香氣中領先.

Love Potion and Swiftlet Farming Talk (Seminar) in Vietnam Hội thảo diễn đàn tại Việt Nam

Love Potion and Swiftlet Farming Talk (Seminar) in Vietnam Hội thảo diễn đàn tại Việt Nam
Explaining how to use Love Potion effectively to increase Nests & Birds Population to user of Love Potion


Want your new farm to have many birds to stay and to build nests in the shortest period of time.Use LOVE POTION. It has the odor ( hormone) that makes birds get into mating mood.It also helps to increase birds population of old farm.For those farms that the numbers of nests has not increased the Love Potion would help. It is so powerful that even without the Nesting Planks the Swiftlets still eager to stay and make nests. The above picture shows most birds are in pair. It indicates that most are in mating mood. Interested email swifjames@yahoo.com. TESTED & PROVEN! Only limited quantity available. 要您的新燕屋農場有許多燕子停留和修造窝在最短的时期。用Love Potion。 它的氣味(激素)能令燕子有交配的心情。它也幫助增加旧的燕屋農場增加燕子群。能為那些燕窝数量未增加的燕屋農場也能使用Love Potion来幫助增加。 是很有強力的甚而沒有板條燕子也很熱切的停留和做窝。 上面的圖片展示多数燕子是一對一對的。 它表明多數的燕子是有交配的心情。 感興趣的请发電子郵件swifjames@yahoo.com。 已被測試和被证明的! 存货有限。For INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION & ANGENCY Please contact : swifjames@yahoo.com


The New Packing Swiftlet farming Love Potion is in 2 liter bottle with security sealed sticker at the cap. The New bottle is specially designed for convenience and easy use with Sprayer Gun. Remove cap and lock on Sprayer Gun and it’s ready to use.No hassle of pouring into Spray Pump and it saves money, you don’t need to buy Spray Pump. The purchase of every 2 bottles comes with a free industry grade powerful Sprayer Gun that could spray up to a distance of 10-12 ft. Designed to reach the ceiling, planks, entrance hole, inter-hole and the high roving area.To get the New Love Potion please contact James: 012-3173811 or email: swifjames@yahoo.com 新Love Potion的包裝是一個2公升瓶,有安全密封的貼紙在瓶蓋上。 它比早先的包裝更多500ml。 (如果安全密封是破壞,千萬不要購買) 。2公升瓶是特地為方便和容易使用而设计的,它有噴霧槍。除去瓶蓋,然後鎖上噴霧槍就可以立即使用。 再也不必麻煩的把Love Potion倒入其他浪花泵浦,而且它也不浪費金錢,您不需要再買一個浪花泵浦。 凡購買2瓶,就送一個工業級有強力的噴霧槍。這個噴霧槍可以噴洒到距離10-12英尺的地方。 它是特地為噴到天花板、板條、入口孔、互連孔和高的環繞區而設計的。要買到新的Love Potion,請与James斯联系: 012-3173811或電子郵件:For INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION & ANGENCY Please contact : swifjames@yahoo.com

Swiflet Farm Using Love Potion together with Gs-9/Hypno-5

SWIFTLET FARMING-LOVE POTION "Trusted & Proven" (万燕牌子荷尔蒙)

SWIFTLET FARMING-LOVE POTION "Trusted & Proven" (万燕牌子荷尔蒙)
A Powerful Hormone Aroma specially formulated to increase birds’ population and nests growth for New and Old Swiftlet farms. The scent helps to retain young birds & attract them stay and make nests. Tested and Proven since 2008. Trusted and used by Swiftlet farms throughout South East Asia. Use immediately after every harvest. Effectively repels unfavorable smell in Bh. Invented by Swiftlet farmer for Swiftlet farms. Packing: 2ltr. Free Spray gun for every purchase of 2 bottles. Call: 012-3173811. 有強力的荷爾蒙芳香特別地為新和舊的燕屋農場增加燕子的群和燕窩的成長而啓發的。 它的氣味幫助保留小的燕子和 吸引它們逗留並且做燕窩。自2008年以來就已被測試和证明。 被東南亞各地的燕屋農場信賴和使用。 在每個收穫之後的立刻使用。 有效的排斥在燕屋農場裏不被喜愛的氣味。由養燕人爲養燕人發明的。 包裝:2ltr. 凡買2瓶就送一個噴霧槍。 打電話: 012-3173811.

从Love Potion 的用户

今天早上我從運輸者受到了5箱的Love Potion。 我是非常擔心Love Potion没货的。
谢谢您保證我的订单在週末之前到達。 我的工人需要在收穫以後使用它的。
在用Love Potion以后燕窝增加了。 我未曾看过這樣巨大的增加在燕窝的公斤量。
當您再回來太平时請打电话给我。 我要请您吃晚餐,並且进一步談論關於燕窝出口和贸易。
Y.先.......... ..... ......
燕窝處理和貿易商 .



1) Spray on planks turn Spray nozzle to MIST SPRAY.1-3 burst is good enough for planks especially at the corner boards. / 噴灑在木板上,把噴灑頭鑽成噴霧,按1-3 次就夠了,特別是在壁角板上.

2) Spraying on wall 1-2 ft below nesting planks turn Spray nozzle to sharp spray. Spray zigzag lines as you walk. Let the it drips from the walls. Spray at Roving area, Nesting area, Inter-holes, entrance holes, (80% on walls 20% on Planks) / 噴灑在牆壁上,在木板1-2尺之下,把噴灑頭鑽成噴尖。一直走一直噴。讓它慢慢滴下來。也噴在環繞區,造窩區,互聯洞,入口洞,(80%噴在牆壁,20%噴在木板)
3) Spray after each harvest or after your have entered the farm. 在在每次收穫之後噴或者每一次您進入燕屋農場之後

4) Pour into Humidifier (chicken coop type) 也可以倒入噴霧機 (雞寮性)

5) If you can’t finish 1 bottle for 1 floor it means you have not sprayed enough.1 bottle good for 1400sf 如果您在一層樓用不完一瓶那就是說您噴的不夠。一瓶是足夠1400方尺

6) Shake bottle well before use. 把瓶子搖均勻才用

7)DO NOT MIX WATER (do not dilute) 不必參水 (不可以彫稀)

8)Use once every 3 weeks. 每三的星期用一次


New Hypnotic Sound " Gezillion Star" Interested to have this Sound Call 012-3173811



燕屋設計、屋内环境、aroma、光度、飛行道, 间接等等是否正確?
讓我帮助和勸告您如何解決您的問題, 成为一个完美和燕子喜歡的燕屋農場。 我將教您如何解決問題和改正差錯。因此,今后當您碰见任何燕屋農場問題时,您將會解決它。


B-52 External Sound

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visiting a 3 Storey Swiftlet Farm in Kota Bharu

A beautiful 3 storey Swiftlet farm in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. A  20 x 60 standalone, located at a Padi field. If location is the criteria this farm is sitting in the right place. 

Sadly after 2.5 years it has only 12 nests. What has gone wrong? The owner had tried all effort but with no avail. After numerous revamps had been done the number of nest still remains the same. Now I am the third person invited to solve this problem. 

In order to solve this one has to find out the root cause of the problem.  Lets find out the root cause.

A beautifully built Swiftlets farm with double layered bricks. A location surrounded with Padi fields. My first observation of the landscaping tells me that the farm micro could be easily managed  if the structure and the design of the Swiftlets farm could be harmonized with the environment.The micro is good, ranging from 26-29C averagely. Given the location, humidity was not a problem at all.

But to my surprise.... if the environment filed with water like Padi filed why does the Swiftlets farm needs so many Ventilation holes? Secondly.... why the internal walls are surrounded with water pools? Wouldn't the humidity be too high?

It clearly shows the builder lack the skill of Swiftlet farming. A distance of 1 feet per Vent-hole. This would affect the movement of air inside the farm.

The design of the Swiftlets farm adopted a huge inter hole size of 10 x 10ft  at the middle of the farm throughout all floors. It was understood that the bigger the Inter hole the easier for the birds to fly to the lower floor. This is subjective unless it harmonies with the size of the Swiftlet farm. Given the Swiftlet farm was only 20 x 60ft, the inter hole located right at the middle taking lot of space leaving both sides of the inter-hole 5 ft . With such big inter holes in a small farm it took up the space for nesting areas. Big inter hole allows light to penetrate into the whole farm making it too bright. ( good for big farm , bad small farm)

To solve this problem the builder resort to painting the whole farm black. This is making it worse. Either too bright or too dark. No wonder birds are not staying in this Swiftlet farm. The design of a big inter hole at the middle of the farm is good for big sized Swiftlet farm but not for a 20 x 60ft .

I asked the owner..."didn't those who came and revamp your Swiftlet farm tell you all these?"
His reply was " they just came and revamp and didn't explain anything. I thought they were experts". 

Everybody could be an expert if you perceive them as an expert. Your perception of the Sifus is subject to your understanding and knowledge in Swiftlet farming. If you knew very little then any fellow who has just picked up a book in Swiftlet
 farming could be your Sifu.

This is what I told the owner.

Again poor tweeter system installation. I don't see the reason why tweeters are not installed at the corners. We know that Swiftlets build nests at the corner. We also know that they fly in a circular motion 1-2 ft away from the walls. We couldn't deny all these if we want to build a successful Swiftlet farm. But then again surprisingly people still don't install tweeters at the corners.

You could see most tweeters are concentrated  in some nesting rooms only. While rest of the areas left emptied. No nests were built in the rooms that have many tweeters. Those in the pictures are artificial nests. To check how effective the sound system was I asked the owner to switch on the sound.  The sound is not balance...if you are inside the room your ears will hurt. If you are at the inter hole area you hear little. The Inter holes have only one or two tweeters. The number is insufficient.  To lure Swiftlets to the lower floor the inter -hole must have many tweeters. In regards to the size of 10x 10ft it should have 8-12 tweeters.

I have been to many successful Swiftlet farms which have thousand of nests. The Swiftlet sound came from all angles. We want to imitate this type of environment that is why people call it surround sound ( real sound). If tweeters are only fixed in rooms it wouldn't be able to lure  birds to stay and build nests.

I wouldn't buy the idea of having an opening of a nesting room at the middle. Unless it can not be avoided like some shop lots. But this is a building built for Swiftlet.

Again by nature Swiftlet fly in a circular motion. If the opening is at the side ( Left or Right) it would be easier for them to maneuver especially young birds.( few months old). If flying is hard in this Swiftlet farm they will migrate.

Do you know where the Idea of having the opening at the middle came from?  I guess not.

Most people who championed this idea is purely copying (follow) it, without weighting its nature of origin. I call it "blindly follow".

This idea came from shop lots built before the 70's and 80's. The ground floor is usually for business activity and the 1st and 2nd are for residential. Often there are rooms at the front ,the back and a wet area ( kitchen) at the middle. When all these buildings were converted into Swiftlet farms the middle section ( wet area) are made into an Open roof.

Those days to save cost they didn't hack down the walls. So the front room ( 1st Floor) door which located in the middle works as opening to the room ( nesting area). As time goes by they are occupied by birds. They could have done it better if the opening is at the side.

When people visited these shop lots they followed (copy) what they saw.... The actual fact is .... it would have been better if the opening is at the side.

This Swiftlet farm has too many inter-room openings. The openings affect the movement of air and the light density.  Though it is a 20 x 60ft, 3 Storey Swiftlet farm but the nesting areas are small....20 x 10 ft only ( per floor).

Now my plan is to remove the partitions and move them further front closer to the roving area. This would increase the size of the nesting areas.

The black paint has to go. This farm is either too bright or too dark..there is no contrast. I need to create an environment that is just nice neither too bright nor dark.( between too bright and too dark which liked by birds).

It is not an easy job but it can be done. This farm has too many flaws.The owner has attended few seminars. He has also learned from few so called well known Sifus. The design of the farm to sound system installation were the advise of his mentor ( Sifu).

Now he knows what he had learned all this while. A detail revamp plan has been given to the owner of this Swiftlet farm. He has to complete the revamp in a week. Working from 9am-3pm.

Good Swiftlet Farming All!

Mobile : 012.3173811

Thousand Swiftlets

swiftlet farming-James

Revamped Bh -With Gs Sound

Swiftlet Sound GS

Swiftlet Farming


New Swiftlet Farm wth GS-9 Ext sound. Video recorded 5 minute after sound switched on

Good External Sound of a SWIFTLET FARM

GEZILLION STAR External Sound Call 012-317 3811

2 years Old Swiftlets Farm

Classic Video from a Good friend of mine "SeeSeng". Taken 4 yrs ago.

Bird Test With the Powerful Bird Test Kit (Stress Sound) Attracts birds within 30 seconds